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Interview mit DJ YRS Jerzy

Wie man Rauch richtig inhaliert, dass konntest Du bereits erfahren.

War aber nur ein Vorbote, weil nämlich der DJ YRS Jerzy ein Album rausmixt mit seinem MC Chox-Mak. Sie wollen uns den 90er Sound zurückbringen. Wieso überhaupt wollte ich in meinem schlechten Englisch wissen und stelle den Schriftverkehr einfach online:

Chox-Mak - Cross Colours And Starter Jackets Hosted By DJ YRS Jerzy

Hi DJ Yrs Jerzy and thanks for your time.

Tell me, you hit my blog with the “smoke break” which is really a chill out and dope music tune. Where do you come from and why do so many hip hop heads in germany even know you?

It might be that i have strong fan bases outside of the U.S. i like to have people everywhere finding out about what i have planned for me, SKE Records and my artist Chox-Mak. It’s really a blessing to see that my hard wok is starting to pay off and people are taking notice to what i’ve been working so hard for. I know one day everyone will see my vision so that just makes me work even harder to accomplish my goals. If you really want to make it in this industry you can’t take a day off you always have to be on your grind.

From whom are you inspired?

I’m inspired by the people i have around me that push me to keep working hard and i stay focused and keep going hard to make things happen. There are alot of people out there that do the exact same thing i do so feel like i have to take over and show people that they can’t compete with me. I just keep working hard everyday i want to work harder than i did the previous day.


How do you describe your sound of hip hop? Oldschool? Back To The 90s? How can i understand?

That’s all my artist Chox-Mak he’s inspired by the 1990’s era of Hip Hop. I know that everyone misses that sound and i feel like we can bring that back. We are raw hip hop we don’t really do party tracks like that but when we do it has a old school twist to it. I just like to hear people’s opinions about us and why we do what we do. If you love 90’s Hip Hop you’ll love our next mixtape „Cross Colours And Starter Jackets“.

Smoke Break is the beginning? Right? What is coming up next?

Smoke Break is the first track you heard but if you check out my sound cloud you will see alot more music. The next project i have in the works is Chox-Mak’s „Cross Colours And Starter Jackets“ mixtape which i will be hosting. It is a 90’s Hip Hop inspired mixtape with nothing but old school hip hop instrumentals. I feel like this mixtape will have everyone noticing our movement. It is definitely a big anticipated mixtape that everyone is going to be looking out for. It is sure to be a classic mixtape.

You are always down with Chox-Mak? Can you tell me something about your relationship with him? Is this your homie or how is this to handle?

Chox-Mak is my artist and hes like an older brother he always comes out with some of the dopest tracks and i feel like he should have been on ears ago. Now that i have taken over the management role for Chox-Mak we have been making noise all over the internet and in the streets. There are alot of people in the industry that are liking what they see with our movement i’m just hoping that everything falls into place and we will be heard globally soon.

Also Augen auf, das Ding steht unmittelbar bevor.

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