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Schlagwort: Add-2

Add-2 – One Missed Call Mixtape

Das Intro brachte mich zum aufhören, das ist schon mal sehr gut.

Respektable Arbeit die Add-2 da abliefert. Schön zum Freedownload.


1. Intro
2. Introspective Of A Young Black Male (prod by Mydus)
3. Gotdamn (prod by J-Rell)
4. Save Our Souls Coming Soon Freestyle
5. Chicago Blues (prod by Intl MC)
6. She’s A Groupie (prod by IIL Meel)
7. The Assassination Of Add-2 (prod by J-Rell)
8. Life Is What You Make It (prod by CRZ Beats)
9. Maybe Its Me (prod by Ken B)
10. Mrs Jones (prod by BeRight)
11. More Missed Calls
12. Iron Mic (prod by Sundown Of Actual Proof)
13. MC Fabio – Cant Believe I’m Gon Bust
14. Diary Of A Broke Emcee (prod by Sinitus)
15. One Missed Call (prod by Sinitus)
16. Far Away (prod by The Jake)
17. Dont Trip (prod by Aaron & Slot-A)
18. No More Missed Calls read more

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